Trolley Trail 025 Keep York Beautiful helps support and organizes litter cleanups and illegal dump site cleanups. Individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, community service clubs, scouts and other youth groups can volunteer to help cleanup York County. If you need guidance or are looking for a site or area to cleanup please contact Keep York Beautiful.

In 2009, an Illegal Dump Survey of York County was performed and documented 274 illegal dump sites in York County.

Organizing a Litter Cleanup Event

Litter cleanups are fairly simple.  Select a location such as a local park or roadside.  Select a date and time. Organize a group of volunteers.  Be sure to have basic supplies such as trash bags, gloves, safety vests.  Have a plan to properly dispose of the waste collected.  You may find that many items can be recycled instead of being placed in the trash.

Planning an Illegal Dump Site Cleanup Event

A successful illegal dump site cleanup requires greater preparation and possibly equipment.  Preparation includes inspecting the site to determine the amount waste present, are there any potential safety hazards and determining if landowner permission required to perform cleanup event.  Prior arrangements will need to be made for a dumpster drop off and pickup and delivery of waste material to either the York County Solid Waste Authority or Republic Services Modern Landfill.  Keep York Beautiful recommends contacting the local municipality that the illegal dumpsite is in.  The local municipality may be able to provide additional assistance.


Organize an event as part of the Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania which occurs every year from March 1th through May 31st.

York County Solid Waste Authority Free Litter Disposal Program is available to volunteer groups and individuals performing cleanup events.  Prior registration is required to take advantage of this program.

Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful offers a variety of Cleanup Tools and Resources including guidelines for illegal dump site cleanups, assistance with enforcement to poster templates.